Angular Overview :

In This project we will create tutorial application/website in angular 7. Same code you can use in angular 2, 4, 5, 6 as well. We will use Web API and MS SQL server for database. We will use Admin and frontend both side features.

Admin Features Like :

Login, Logout, Create post, Manage post (like insert, edit, Delete posts) and static pages as well etc.

Frontend Features like:

Courses listing, Course detail page, contact us page (send mail), About Us, Recent posts etc.

Core Features

  • Project Setup
  • Integration with Bootstrap
  • Project Structure and Create Modules.
  • Routing and Navigation
  • Theme Integration
  • Use Web API.
  • Use MS SQL Server
  • Deployment on live server

Fronted Features

  • Course listing page
  • Course detail page
  • Static pages like: About Us, Contact us etc.
  • Contact form and data send email.
  • And many more..

Admin Features

  • LogIn
  • LogOut
  • CRUD : create post
  • CRUD : View posts list
  • CRUD : Edit post
  • CRUD: Delete post.
  • And Many more ..

Some Screen Shots of Project

Home Page

angular project- home page

Course Detail page

course detail

Login Page


Edit Post

add post

Add Post

create post

Contact Us